The first year at Lilliputopia

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Since purchasing this property in the fall of 2017, we have been incredibly busy. Our goal was to create a small and diverse #farm here in Monroe, OR that could supply our #local #community with #organic fruit, nuts, #veggies, #mushrooms, eggs, and even artwork. Although this goal will take many many more years to fully achieve, we have worked exceedingly hard and have accomplished so much in one year. With the help of so many great friends and family and despite several challenges, this year has been a huge success! For one, we harvested over 600 pounds of produce! Here are some more highlights of our first 'test season' .

The art studio

Rod works on his magical yak skull.

My good friend Katie and I spent many hours finishing the space above the shop and the corresponding bathroom. We (but mostly she) built walls, added insulation, installed drywall, plumbing, windows, new light fixtures, and paint.

This is a nice bright room that is approximately 600 sq. ft. I was lucky to know Rod, a local artist, who needed a workshop space. He began renting the space in May and now you can see his fantastic artwork right here in Lilliputopia. Rod is a sculptor, painter, and fine jewelry maker. His artwork will be featured and available to purchase at the farm store.