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Where do you sell your produce?

We sell our produce at our farm stand, located at 301 N 10th St. Monroe, OR 97456. We are open Saturdays 10am-4pm and Sundays 10am-4pm  April to October. You will also find  delightful handmade gifts here as well!

What is dry farming?

Dry farming is farming with little or no irrigation. On our farm, no water is added after the plants or seeds are planted. It is a traditional technique used before humans had means of regular irrigation. Although fruit and vegetables grown using dry farming are often smaller, they are also more nutritious and flavorful. We conduct research on dry farming methods in collaboration with OSU and the Dry Farming Institute. Some of the things we've grown so far include tomatoes, watermelons, zucchini, corn, and pumpkins! For more information on dry farming, check out the Dry Farming Institute and OSU resources.

Is your produce organic?

All produce that we sell, from our farms or other farms, is grown organically (or better) although we are not officially certified organic. We are 100% committed to natural and sustainable agriculture. We never use chemicals (fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, etc.) that are not organically certified.

What natural building services do you offer?

We do not offer natural building services. We build demonstration structures here at the farm to provide examples of how natural building is done. You may learn more about these projects during our tours or special demonstrations.

What does "Lilliputopia" mean?

Lilliputopia was named after the famous island of Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. The Lilliputians are tiny people who live on their tiny island. Small things matter!

Can I volunteer at Lilliputopia?

Yes! Please contact me if you would like to volunteer. We do many fun group activities, from mulching, weeding and planting to caring for chickens and stomping cob. We are also a host farm at WWOOF-USA, a fantastic program that connects organic farms with volunteers for a fun and education experience. 

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