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2020 Dry Farming Plot in Pictures

2020 planting plan

I took pictures of the dry plot in intervals of 15 days so that we could see the progression throughout the season. Each plot is 5'x20' or 100 sq. ft. This plot was not irrigated at all (except the very first NW corner plot called Celinda's). We expanded the plot this year and added another 18 plots to the north for a total of 54 plots.

As you know, the Oregon summer is very dry-- usually mid June through mid October sees no rain. We had a relatively mild summer, although temps did get above 95F for a couple weeks. We used compost during planting and then mulched with grass cuttings from the field. As usual, some things did really well (sunchokes, tomatillos) and some not so much (corn, melons)!

May 12. Finishing up planting and laying row cover over the cucurbits.

June 1

June 15

July 3

July 15

August 3

August 15

September 15. Record wildfires result in horrible air quality and ash. Most vegetables are just about done for the season.

Lastly, here's a gallery of some of the things that did well this season- with zero irrigation! How awesome is that!

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