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Visit 30% OFF code:FIFA2023.I truly could not imagine my case being in better hands for fut 23 coins xbox one. Noteable players (Rajah, faroo, jives, biscuits, shaz and ravi) Traits are qualities a player possesses that affect their behaviors in-game. i feel like we are here to tell our dreams to each other lol

Are we in agreement that due to ALOT of scans coming post-launch this year, that when they do scan partnered teams/leagues, that they add the faces for the players who are generic first? Over updates? For example if EA scan Dortmund, they add a Bellingham face before adding an updated Sancho? Etc.

Because Dortmund hasn’t been scanned. All the other faces they do in DLC are custom faces by artists, and they look amazing


Players have been able to play as Premier League teams like Liverpool for years whereas competing games like Pro Evolution Soccer, offered fictional teams like Merseyside Red. This applies to every other club using a generic stadium. Players have the option to preview Silver and Gold player packs as in the previous game, by allowing players to preview what they would receive from a pack before deciding whether to purchase it. Especially for us , even if we got a full french league scans and bpl rescan i wouldn't buy the game if we are still losing starheads every few weeks , let's hope this is fixed because it's a huge problem for me personally


We just need new Star Heads to work in existing Career Mode saves!!

75% of the faces are at release. selections included none of the nine stadiums used in 1994. Since the last year before the big EA Sports FC rebrand takes place, expectations are higher than ever before. But for Fifa 23 its likely


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